December 31, 2020

Revelation Unveiled Ep 19 – The Rapture: Real or Myth?

The Rapture is the most controversial and divisive doctrines in all of eschatology. One of the main controversies is whether or not the Rapture is even Biblical. The idea that Jesus will one day come down, zap believers away and instantly transport them to Heaven sounds pretty preposterous. This idea has led many to question its scriptural veracity.

However, the concept of the Rapture is clearly presented in the Bible multiple times – including four previous raptures which NO ONE disputes! And despite arguments to the contrary, the end-times Rapture is not a recent church invention. It was taught by the Apostle Paul, and prominent early Church Fathers.

The only people who dispute the idea of the Rapture are those who have specific doctrinal agendas, which would be invalidated if the Rapture were true. These are folks who want the Bible to conform to their theology, instead of making their theology conform to the Bible.

In this week’s episode, we will look and the Biblical concept and evidence for the Rapture

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