November 28, 2017

Longing for Eden: the Key to All our Desires – FBR Podcast #30

Longing for Eden is at the core of all of our desires. In Eden, mankind had perfect government, perfect fellowship, and perfect provision. Humanity was made for the perfection of Eden and nothing short of that perfection will ever satisfy us. But since we are subject to the pride of our fallen state, all of us, religious AND atheist, seek to recreate that perfection WITHOUT God. Our efforts and failure to do so is the story of our tragic human history. Only by turning to God can we truly reclaim our deepest longing. In this week’s podcast:

  • What we lost when we fell from Eden
  • How we try to replace paradise
  • Why we desire to regain Eden without God
  • How the judgment and curses of Original Sin are loving and merciful
  • Why natural disasters CANNOT be blamed on God

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