July 28, 2017

Religious Hypocrisy and the “Nice” Jesus – FBR Podcast#24

Hypocrisy from religious Christians is one of the main reasons that unbelievers are reluctant to embrace the Faith. Tragically, that hypocrisy comes from religious people trying (and failing) to be “nicer” than Jesus!!  These attempts not only warp the image of Christians, they corrupt the message of the Gospels, AND they result in Idolatry! In this week’s podcast:

  • The root of religious hypocrisy.
  • How religion robbed us of God’s true Name.
  • Why the “Jesus” promoted by religious people bears no resemblance to the Jesus in the Bible.
  • What was Jesus REALLY like?
  • How religious Christians damage themselves and others by trying to be “nice”.
  • Why do God’s laws and commandments sound religious?

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Jesus being “nice” to the Pharisees (Matthew 23)


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