February 22, 2024

Revelation Unveiled Ep 57 : Top 10 Myths About Heaven

Heaven is the eternal state that we all long for. Even those who are not Christians, still acknowledge the desire to be rewarded for the good they have done on earth and spend an eternity in perfection.

The concept of Heaven is ALMOST as ubiquitous as the concept of Hell. It is a part of our popular culture. And as such, it is the subject of as much (or more) mythology than truth. In this episode, we will explore 10 popular myths about Heaven, and look at the Biblical truths that address or dispel the myths.

Here is a link to my recent appearance on the Tin Foil Hat Podcast! https://samtripoli.com/tfh-738-is-the-speed-of-light-decaying-with-ed-mabrie/



3 thoughts on “Revelation Unveiled Ep 57 : Top 10 Myths About Heaven
  1. Daniel Stout

    I love your stuff man…..More people need to hear the points of view you have. You have re-invigorated my faith my friend. I hope you never stop. Keep up the good work and God bless! I want to pick your brain for days, and I have so many questions. But, I will start with a couple….First, about the Nephaliam….I heard someone argue they were simply regular humans, and were just warriors (like Navy Seals today or something), since they were here before and after the flood. That was interesting and they had good theories or evidence to back it up but I can’t remember. Idk, maybe some were mermaids and that’s how they survived the flood. Or they are the “seed” of the Shining One, and he also created some kind of Ark for a select few of his own, like that black pyramid in Alaska lol. Maybe that’s where they started in North America, and why so many tribes worshipped serpents in one form or another. You should really look into God In A Nutshell website and YouTube with Trey Smith. His theories are fascinating and his videos are second to none. Start with the 3 hour “Noah” one as a recommendation. The speed of light changing is amazing, but he thinks carbon dating is just all wrong, and provides evidence. Another theory is the earth was created 6 to 10 thousand years ago, but with billions of years of history embedded into that creation. An all powerful God can indeed create a 12 billion year old universe literally today if he wanted to. Adam and Eve were fully grown adults when created, but had a scientist studied them, they would have thought they were 20 years old. God creates with “age” type theory. I also heard this about Nephs—if they are part human, part angel; then aren’t they eligible for salvation as Jesus offers salvation to ALL manKind. Wouldn’t a half human be considered a “kind” of man? Maybe that’s why they are added to the demons and stuck here, so they can also have the chance to learn about Christ and repent? And lastly, I need help with “Image of God”…I don’t believe we are created in the image of God. God can only speak in absolute truth, so I study Scripture with that in mind, at least when God or Jesus is directly speaking. God created Adam in His image, then Eve from Adam’s rib, and we are all descendants of them; or more precisely Noah’s descendants. And everyone knows that a copy of a copy of a copy is not the same as the original. Also, Adam and Eve became a completely different species the moment they ate the fruit and were kicked out of Eden, going from immortal to mortal. So how can we say we are created in the image of God, when we are not even close to what Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden? I mean, where else does God say that in the Bible? People cannot rectify a toothless hillbilly as being “image of God”, so maybe I just found the answer and we are not. Or maybe it’s allegorical, like we are mind, body, and soul; while God is The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I digress lol. Also, why did the Apostle John trust the Angel that gave him the messages for Revelations? Didn’t Jesus say to only trust things that have 2 or more sources; and also to “test the spirits” and that the devil masquerades as an angel of light. How do we know John wasn’t duped? Jesus doesn’t sound the same in Revelations as He does in the Gospels, and it’s the one book that causes all kinds of division in the faith, and disbelief amongst atheists. Christianity existed for 300 years and took over the entire Roman empire with no Bible at all, just the story of Christ. I used to wonder if the devil embedded the truth of Christ in the middle of a giant collection of books, so noone would read it. I don’t think that way anymore, but it is interesting because I asked a pastor once “If all I ever found was the book of Matthew, would that be enough to save me, if I believed it?”…His response was simply “Ofcourse”, and that’s when I said “Then why are we even talking about anything else? Should I not get to know Christ through and through before anything else?” That’s also interesting huh? I think like you my friend, but you are so much wiser than me, and I would love your help on some of these questions. I will be listening/watching all of your videos; so you can speak on this stuff there if you prefer, rather than a direct reply. I live like a monk, to a degree, and live an isolated life working at a ski resort (I just recently became a grandpa). Feel free to text or call me at 970-418-0912 if that’s easier for you. Love your work my friend! (also, I say “fuck” a lot and I agree with you. However, it’s weird because a completely different part of our brain lights up when we use cuss words; and I just wasn’t sure if you knew that and how/if it would change your opinion. I am open-minded like you, and willing to change my beliefs; everything except for Christ and the fact that he died for my sins. I will take that belief to my grave, and no amount of evidence would convince me otherwise. Do not forget that the devil is a very powerful ancient entity and the father of lies, so he can create illusions just to fool us. God loves us and I want to love Him back. Love is an action, not a feeling. Love is sacrifice. I will gladly sacrifice my ability to cuss if the Lord did not approve. It seems silly to us, but remember words themselves are Holy, as God spoke/sung everything into existence via words. Maybe that’s why He might be crabby about cuss words, because it defiles the good. Idk, I’m still saying cuss words lol. Just saying there isn’t a single thing I wouldn’t give up if God directly asked me to. I’m sure you are the same way. I’ll quit writing you a book now lol. Dang, amazing stuff my friend. God be with you!

    1. E.M.

      Wow! Thank you for the great response. I love getting good questions. I will try to answer them in the order they were written

      1. The idea that the Nephilim were just “bad” humans of some kind is actually the mainstream view of the church. But it ignores the clearly Biblical supernatural aspects. The Nephilim were the progeny of elohim (angels) and humans. They were a different species. Some people believe that some Nephilim survived the Flood, but I don’t take that position. I believe there were additional angelic incursion after the Flood that produced other Nephilim such as Og of Bashan and Goliath of Gath.
      2. All radiometric dating methods are only accurate if the speed of light is a constant. Since it isn’t, carbon dating is worthless. So if the speed of light was hundreds or thousands of times faster in the past, carbon dating would show them to be significantly older than they actually are,
      3. The Nephilim are not eligible for salvation because Jesus did not become a Nephilim and die for them. Nephilim are not a “type of human”. They are a separate species. They are not elohim or human. They are hybrids.. Just like a mule is neither a donkey or a horse. It also appears that the Nephilim do not have free will (only humans have this quality). So they couldn’t repent even if they wanted to.
      4. You are correct. ONLY Adam and Eve were created in the image of God. “Image of God” has nothing to do with appearance or any other physical quality. It means they were God’s “Image Bearers”. They bore the image/likeness of God. Meaning that all creation obeyed them as they would God. They lost this image when they sinned (a sinner cannot bear the image of a Holy God). We are all made/born in the fallen image of Adam.
      5. Keep in mind that the first few verses of chapter 1 are an overview of the entire book. The Angel that is mentioned in the first verse is the angel who john asks questions of throughout the book. The angel didn’t give John the message of Revelation. He was a guide more or less. Revelation chapter one makes it clear that the first being John encountered was Jesus Himself in the initial vision. John then wrote down the visions that he saw directly.
      6. Profanity is a social construct. I think God is far more concerned with out intent than the actual words. If I say to my wife “I fucking love you”, and then tell someone else “you’re an idiot and I hope you die!”, which one do you think is worse in God’s eyes?

      Thanks for listening and writing!

      1. Daniel Stout

        Wow…thank you for your enlightening responses. I apologize for such a late response. I subscribe to so many podcasts, that sometimes things just get lost in the shuffle is all. Plus, when commenting, I don’t always expect a reply as I usually just “post and ghost” as a means to get my opinions out to the world; being as I live somewhat of a hermetic lifestyle and don’t always have people to talk to about this stuff. On to your responses…I was about to argue with you a bit on the Nephilim not being “part human” because if Barak Obama can claim he is both “part white” and “part black” due to his parents being each. Therefore, cannot the Nephs claim “part human” at least? Buuut then you got me with the whole donkey statement. That breaks my brain a bit lol. Because a liger is the product of a tiger and a lion mating. I liger is neither tiger, nor lion; but can it claim it’s at least “part lion” or “part tiger”. I’m unsure. But the lack of free will of the nephs has me intrigued as well. Maybe that’s what NPCs are lol. I digress. As far as them being “before” and “after” the flood, I agree with your take that angels fell before and after, although at one time I thought maybe the tower of babel opened a portal to hell and let them out. Your Og of Bashan and Goliath of Goth take blew me away too, as I never even heard those names. I need to do more research but dang doesn’t that kind of sound like Og and Magog to a degree? And finally. as to your reply about John’s visions…..I read from the NLV, while understanding the King James as being definitive; so I may have misread. But I thought John said he saw “One that was LIKE the Son of Man”….Taking a step back, that could be construed as someone masquerading as the Son of Man, because of the use of the word “like”. I’m getting more into Revelation because of your work and I’m not saying it is from the devil…I’m just working things out out-loud as I ponder every possible scenario. The books of the Bible were indeed “around” and the Torah or Septuagint was required reading for Jews. However, when Paul went out to preach to the Gentiles, it seems like the Gentiles would have only needed to know basic facts about the coming Messiah; and that Jesus was that Messiah, and the teachings/sermons of Jesus. Someone told me once that Thomas Jefferson took a “Gospels only” approach to his church life, but I cannot be certain. I’ve learned so much by diving into the Gospels multiple times; that others seem to miss. That’s the only reason I propose these wild ideas and such. Because no matter what the truth about history or the future may be, you certainly cannot go wrong by solely focusing on the 4 Gospels. It’s almost as if it cuts out all the noise. But maybe that’s only for simpletons like myself lol; and any discussion or learning of the Bible as a whole and I am down for it. Thanks again for your dedication to these things and I will continue to share you with others. Peace.


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