January 26, 2016

Apocalypse NOT! – part 2: Beasts of Death

Death by a different beast

It will be MUCH worse than this

The following constitutes information I have not seen presented anywhere else in a comprehensive manner. I accept the possibility that this exegesis COULD be wrong, however I believe that it is Biblically sound AND presents the most complete overview of these events.

We’ve been looking at the events that accompanied breaking of the seven-sealed scroll in Revelation 6.

The classic position on Revelation 6 is that it documents the beginning of the Tribulation and God’s judgments on the world.

However in the last post, I began presenting my rebuttal – which is that this passage actually constitutes a “mini-Dispensation” consisting of a false apocalypse created by Satan to deceive the world into accepting his kingdom.

In the last post we began examining the events of the first 3 seals.  I showed how they correlated with the first part of Jesus’ Olivet Discourse wherein He described these events as “birth pangs” before the Tribulation.

In this post we will look at the next two, beginning with the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse.

The Deadliest Rider

The Rider of the Pale Horse is the only demonic rider who is named. The Bible says he is called “Death” (so he has a pretty singular job description) and he is given power to kill a fourth of the population of the earth – again, we’re talking about the death of a couple BILLION human beings using current population numbers!

Extreme depopulation is another horrific pillar of the goals of the satanic mystics who desire global governance (the politically correct term for the engineered death of billions for the sake of the planet is called “sustainability”), and the Pale Rider will execute (pun slightly intended) this ultimate version of the final solution.

But what is even more intriguing (and disturbing) are the methods used to mete out the killings. The Bible says that the Pale Rider will cause death through:

  1. The sword (war) – don’t rule out the nuclear option
  2. Famine – starvation probably due to the “scarcity” created by the Black Rider
  3. Pestilence (disease) – this will likely include Satanically amped up diseases and the unleashing of stuff created in labs
  4. And…the “beasts of the earth” – Here’s where it gets REALLY weird.

When animals attack?

As I wrote earlier, the meaning of the “beasts of the earth” has puzzled commentators for centuries.

The Greek word used here for “beast” is “therion” which can mean “wild animal”, but I think a closer look at the exegesis will make it clear that we are not talking about hamsters and giraffes going nuts and slapping people around.

Contextually, the word “beast” is used over 30 times by the Apostle John in the book of Revelation. And EVERY time it is used, it clearly refers to demonic, or demonically powered entities (most often the Antichrist and his counterpart, the False Prophet).

So it’s pretty safe to say that John is describing something demonic in this instance as well.

Not just any ol’ demons

But it’s the descriptor “of the earth” that provides the most provocative clue to the identity of these beasts. The Greek word “gigantes” means “earth born” or “of the earth”.

Why is that important? Because the Hebrew version of that word is used in the Old Testament (specifically Genesis chapter 6) to name a very distinct population of creatures who we examined in an earlier post – the Nephalim!

The Nephalim were the strange progeny of intercourse between humans and (fallen) Angelic beings in the 2nd Dispensation!

They were supernaturally powerful, and evil beings whose presence became the primary practical reason that the majority of the earth’s population had to be exterminated via the Great Flood!

So it would seem that the “Beasts of the Earth”, or “Therion Gigantes” are a return of these powerful demonic hybrids to the earth for the primary purpose of killing (and likely scaring the crap out of) humanity!

I know this all seems really strange (but honestly, is it any stranger than anything else we’ve been discussing in the last few posts?), and is outside of mainstream Bible teaching, but there is actually additional Biblical evidence to show that the events of Genesis 6 will repeat themselves to a degree in Satan’s Kingdom.

As it was once before, so shall it be again

First of all, in the Olivet Discourse, Jesus himself blatantly describes the time of the end as like “the days of Noah”.

As the days of Noah were, so the coming of the Son of Man will be.  For in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day Noah boarded the ark. – Matthew 24:37-38

Denotatively, the argument can (and has) been made that this passage simply means that things will be “business as usual” among mankind up until the Second Coming.

The problem with this position is that Revelation (and every other apocalyptic book) clearly shows that things will NOT be normal during this era.

Things will, in fact be bat sh-t crazy right before the Second Coming!

Furthermore, Jesus didn’t pick His words here arbitrarily. He was speaking to a group of biblically literate 1st century Jews whose understanding of Genesis 6 had not been watered down by 21st century theology.

When they heard the words “the days of Noah”, the disciples knew that the defining aspect of the 2nd Dispensation was the Nephalim. And the “they” that were notably “marrying and giving in marriage” during this era were fallen angelic beings!

There’s “they” and then there’s “THEY”

The book of Daniel, which foreshadows Revelation in many ways, also contains a provocative passage that features the demonic “they”.

In Chapter 2, Daniel gives the interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar’s bizarre dream of a statue with a head and body made of gold, silver, bronze, iron, and iron mixed with “miry” clay (low-quality clay made from dust).

It turns out those the four metals represented subsequent world empires. And the final empire (right before the Second Coming) will be the Iron/Clay Empire.

And whereas thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron doth not mingle with clay. – Daniel 2:43 KJV (emphasis mine)

Note that “they” attempt to mingle (join) with the “seed of men”(genetics). Which means that “they” must be something OTHER THAN men (human)! (Miry clay is made from dust, as is man!)

It’s also important to note that this dream of earthly kingdoms as valuable metal is the perspective of a (then) demon worshiping King. (Nebuchadnezzar later came to honor the true God).

From the heavenly perspective, these same kingdoms were later depicted as BEASTS!

The Beasts run wild

The breaking of the Fourth seal and the release of the Fourth Horseman heralds the removal of the force that had been restraining Satan from performing a redux of the Days of Noah.

Whether it be through direct genetic manipulation or massive demonic possession of men (or both) there will be a return to the evil brutality of the Nephalim.

The world is not ready for this.

It’s scarcely possible to describe the level of sheer panic, distress, and horror that people will experience when these supernaturally powered demonized “men” wreck havoc upon the world and cause the deaths of hundreds of millions.

It’s also interesting that this rider is accompanied by “Hades”, the realm of unrighteous death. It looks like there will be a lot of new residents in occupancy courtesy of the Pale Rider.

Alongside the deeds inspired by the previous horsemen, this era will truly be unlike anything experienced in history (at least until the REAL Tribulation occurs).

A Change of Venue

Interestingly, at the 5th seal, the scene returns to heaven. The Apostle John sees all the martyrs killed for their belief in Jesus throughout history imploring God to execute justice on their behalf.

God comforts them and tells them to wait a little longer until the era of martyrdom is complete.

It’s a fascinating scene, but considering the context of the events, it seems a bit out of place. If this is a time of satanic deception, why are we given this interlude?

I think that this is another reassurance and reinforcement of the idea that this actually IS an era of satanically inspired events, and NOT God’s judgments.

If the Four Horsemen WERE the beginning of God’s judgment on the wicked as most commentators purport, why would martyred Christians be crying out for God to avenge them?

If God was starting to punish evil, He wouldn’t be telling them to “be patient” He’d be telling them that their wait is over! (which he WILL do later)

No, I believe that this passage shows that the martyrs in Heaven are distressed because they see Satan seemingly having the upper hand, and they are pleading with God to finally settle accounts.

The worst deception is yet to come

Unfortunately, the martyrs will indeed have to wait a little longer because the breaking of the 6th seal brings about not only the most cataclysmic events thus far, it will also be the culmination of Satan’s attempt to deceive the world into believing his false Apocalypse and accepting him and his Antichrist in place of God.

We will wrap up this series in the next post and show why God not only allows this deception to happen, He ensures that it will be successful!  Next time.


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