August 12, 2011

Organized Religion part 3 – The Mystic Behind the Curtain


The reason that the various world religions seem so similar is because they are all corruptions of the same source material – Gods plan for redemption. We saw in the last post that this corruption, (organized religion) began at Babel. When the people of the third dispensation were divided by their languages, they carried the religious traditions with them and they evolved over time. While these traditions bear some basic similarities, they also have some very distinct differences.

But if they are all from the religion of Babel, what caused the stark differences? These changes were the work of Semiramis’ spiritual heirs – the Mystics.

After the third dispensation the single kingdom of Babel became many nations.  The confusion and turmoil of the dispersion would have provided ambitious persons the opportunity to fill the power vacuum of the leaderless fledgling nations – and religion would provide the method.

Ripe for religions conquest

The people were already brain damaged by religion and conditioned to pay homage to anyone with a connection to the divine. This position of “divine leader” could easily be seized by any of Semiramis former priests, or anyone else with enough knowledge, intelligence, and guile.   The people of the new nations were ripe with opportunity for charismatic con-men to come in and give them guidance and comfort from the “gods” they worshiped back home.

These mystics did not need to be “gods” themselves, they only needed to claim the knowledge of the gods and a favored position with them.  They claimed that they could commune with the gods, that they knew their secrets, that they knew how to appease them, and that they could intercede with the gods on behalf of the people… for a price of course.  And that price was “power”.  Specifically power over men – their loyalty, their devotion, their allegiance, their livelihood, their minds . . . their lives.

The mystics invented new “divine revelations” from the “gods”, and added them to the traditions of Babel.  We saw in the last post that Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz were present in the other ancient cultures by different names.  Mystics expanded their roles, powers, personalities and narratives.  They added entire pantheons of “gods” to their mythology who controlled the environment, crops, livestock, death, knowledge, philosophy, etc.  They invented and added various festivals, ceremonies and rites to “appease the gods”.  So if the people wanted to ensure a good harvest, get rain, stave off disaster, or get a good spot in the afterlife, they had to go through the Mystics.  It was and is a great racket.  The oldest and greatest racket ever invented!  If Babel is the Mother of Harlots, the mystics are her spiritual children.

Smoke and mirrors

But the Mystics had a problem. The only power that they truly had over the people was the “divine knowledge” they claimed to have. Mystics knew that the only thing propping up their elaborate house of cards was the willingness of the people to accept the fraud.

If the layman were to ever figure out that their local mystics were charlatans, then their mystique would vanish, as would their power (not to mention their lives).  So the Mystics developed the tradition of guarding their knowledge in exclusive sects and “priesthoods”.

The greatest enemy of mystics and the organized religion they promote is contrastive thought.  Religion and its priests cannot survive it. As soon as someone begins to ask “is this wrong?” “Does this make sense?” “Does it conform to the rules of logic and reason?”,  the mystics begin to lose power and are in danger of being seen as the frauds that they are.  So independent thought and contrastive thinking had to be discouraged and vilified, and irrational faith and emotionalism promoted.

Any knowledge that contradicted theirs was considered blasphemy.  Anyone who defied the mystics was seen as “defying the gods” and merited the wrath of the true believers.  Such has been the fate of “infidels and heretics” through the ages (and it even happens with the “religions” of today.  If any scientist wants to get excommunicated from academia, all he has to do to is express doubt about evolution or global warming.  He’ll be relegated to teaching hygiene classes at the local YMCA within a month).

Mystics in the Church

Unfortunately mystics were not just confined to pagan religions.  Mystics by their nature go where the power is.  And when Christianity began to gain significant social influence in the first few centuries after Christ, the mystics infiltrated the leadership and applied their methodology.  They began creating and adding new “divine revelations” to the Bible and the meaning of life.

But the mystics’ methodology is antithetical to God’s.  God wants everyone to know Him and his plan for humanity.  He has spoken to men directly. He put his plan in the stars for all to see. He revealed knowledge to His prophets with orders to proclaim it and write it down (which is how we got the Bible).  In the Sixth Dispensation, He even offers to have His Spirit live in us and give us personal guidance! The story of history is the story of God revealing himself to man in different ways so that we CAN know His plan.  It would be contradictory to give it to a few people and order them to hold it hostage and use it for their personal gain.

So how do “Christian” mystics justify their existence?  They claim that the information God has revealed to man is incomplete!  There is a secret treasure trove of juicy knowledge that God has only given to his super special elite followers.  And of course, God made them the holy, anointed guardians of this knowledge.  So if you want to know the real, honest-to-goodness, full and complete truth of God, you must submit to their authority and only believe what they say about God.

To know God is to reject a Mystic

“Christian” mystics do not want anyone to know God’s nature.  They don’t want anyone to even know that God HAS a definitive nature – for obvious reasons.  If God has a set nature, then it can be KNOWN. And if people know God’s nature, then they will know that the Mystics are frauds when they do and say unjust and unrighteous things “in God’s name”.

So they claim that God’s nature CAN’T be known or understood!  Or even more incredibly, that He doesn’t WANT to be known!  They present God as arbitrary, “mysterious”, and capricious in order to justify the religious dogmas they invent that blatantly contradict the Bible and God’s revealed plan.

And if anyone dares to ask how a Holy God could condone, approve, or demand the unjust and un-Biblical acts that the mystics prescribe, they (and their brain damaged followers) try to make you feel guilty!  By doubting these self-appointed “men of God”, you are accused of doubting God Himself!  Or they make the insidious “God can do anything” excuse – which sounds like reverence but is actually a statement of unbelief.  By “anything” they mean that God has the ability to contradict Himself or act outside of His nature.  But since contradictions cannot exist, and God would not be “God” if He was not always and completely right and just, saying that “God can do anything” is the equivalent of saying “God does not exist”!

Mystic damage extends beyond the church

Among the most damaging things about “Christian” mystics is that they lead people to believe that they represent God, and therefore God must be as unrighteous and unjust as they are.  The mistaken belief that these mystics represent God has undoubtedly led many people to choose to become atheists.

Run as far and as fast as you can from any so called Christian leader or organization who tells you that God is unknowable, or that only they can tell you what the Bible “really means”, or that you cannot question their authority, or that they get special, private revelations from God that contradict the Bible (and justify the contradictions by saying that “God can do anything”).  Those are the words of mystics, and mystics by their nature and agenda can only lead you away from God’s plan.

The Mystics’ greatest ally

Despite the precarious nature of their existence, mystics have held great sway over the masses throughout history because they have always had a powerful ally – the masses themselves!  People desire to be justified, and prefer the most comfortable method of justification possible.  Religion fits the bill.  The only thing more comfortable than a form of justification that allows you to feel good about yourself while remaining comparative, is one where someone else  has done all the mental heavy lifting for you by providing a pre-packaged religious system.  All you have to do is “check your (damaged) brain at the door”, suspend your critical thought processes and submit to the “religious authorities”.  And that’s just fine with the mystics!

The religious mystics are the heirs of Semiramis, but they are only one half Babel’s progeny.  The heirs of Nimrod are the other half.  The “Mystics of Spirit” seek to rule men’s minds, while their brothers, the “Mystics of Force” want to rule their bodies.   What the Mystics of spirit couldn’t conquer with words, the Mystics of Force conquered with the sword. If the Mystics of Spirit are the “church”, then the Mystics of Force are “the state”.   And although their methods differ, their goals are the same. They are both partners and rivals in the effort to recreate Eden without God. We’ll take a look at their relationship next time.


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