February 19, 2023

Revelation Unveiled Episode 45: The Scarlet Woman and The End of Religion

The Fall of Babylon and the destruction of false religion is a major precursor event to God’s final judgment and Armageddon.

As I’ve noted many times, religion is probably the most destructive practice and institution to ever plague mankind. On an individual level, religion is man’s attempt to reach the divine under his own power. This is generally done by adding his own rules and efforts on top of God’s revealed word in order to “improve” on God’s doctrine.

This makes religion the ultimate show of pride. I mean what’s more prideful than thinking you can make God “better”?

Like all forms of pride, religion leads to brain damage. It leads you to believe that you are getting closer to God, while in fact to are moving farther away from Him

Organized religion takes this prideful endeavor to an institutional level by formalizing these man-made rules and requirements, and turning them into orthodoxy presided over by “elite” men (priests, popes, holy-men, masters, advisors, prelates, etc.) who use their position to lord over the masses. (I call them “mystics”).

Organized religion (secular and spiritual) has resulted in more death, destruction, murder, immorality, lasciviousness, theft, physical and mental torture, subjugation, oppression, sheer brutality, and spiritual degradation than any institution in all of history.

Religion is the antithesis of God’s will and His plan for humanity. God hates pride, therefore God hates religion. Thus Religion will have to be destroyed.

We will discuss this destruction in this week’s episode

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