September 5, 2019

Resurrection Myths – FBR Podcast # 67

Resurrection Myths about Jesus abound, not only in the secular world but even in Christianity. One of the primary secular resurrection myths is the “Swoon Theory”, which states that Jesus did not actually die on the cross, but merely fainted from the pain. The Romans thought He was dead so they put Him in the tomb. But the “cool air” of the tomb revived Him, so He escaped and went off to marry Mary Magdalene and have a bunch of children whose progeny became the so-called Merovingian bloodline – which sired the royal houses of France, England, and other northern European nobility. And yes, that theory is as stupid as it sounds.

Despite its idiocy, the Swoon Theory is still taught in academic circles and was the basis for such books a Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and The Da Vinci Code.

The second resurrection myth we will cover is one that is embraced by most Christians. It is the idea that after His resurrection, Jesus was this gloriously beautiful being who only retained the scars in His hands, feet, and side as evidence of the brutality He endured. But if you hold to this idea, you are tacitly admitting that Jesus is vain and primarily concerned with external appearance. This myth of a “pristine corpse” opens us up to deception.

In this week’s podcast, we will look at both of these resurrection myths

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