September 22, 2019

Do Christians Worship an Idol? FBR Podcast #68

Most Christians worship an idol. They call this idol “Jesus”, but the idol they worship bears little resemblance to the actual Jesus who walked the earth 2000 years ago. Their idol doesn’t look, act, or sound like the Jesus in the Bible. How did this “Jesus” come about? Because most Christians want a Jesus that makes them comfortable. They want a handsome, gentle, inoffensive, magic teddy bear who wants nothing more than for us to feel


good about ourselves.

We want to make a God in OUR image, instead of letting ourselves be conformed to the image of God.   This podcast begins a series called “The Real Jesus”. It begins by looking at what is seemingly the most inconsequential aspect of Jesus – His physical appearance. The problem is, that if we allow ourselves to be willingly deceived about ANY aspect of truth, it opens the door to greater deception.

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