November 9, 2020

Revelation Unveiled – Ep 12: Sardis and the Failure of the Reformation

The Protestant Reformation was one of the most pivotal movements in western history.  Great work was done to return Christians to the true definition of salvation, which had been corrupted for 1000 years by the Catholic hierarchy.  Prophetically, the period of the Reformation maps to the letter to the Church at Sardis.  However, Sardis is one of two churches about which Jesus has nothing positive to say.

If the Reformation did so many great things for the Church, why was Jesus’ message to this Church so negative?

Jesus said their works were not complete. While the reformers got Salvation doctrine right, they did not go far enough. Many of the traditions of Catholicism remain in the reformed church.  Furthermore, doctrines were introduced into the Church which greatly hampered repentance and growth.

In this week’s episode, we look at the Church at Sardis from the prophetic perspective by examining the victories and failures of the Protestant Reformation.

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