November 14, 2020

Revelation Unveiled Ep 13: Letter to Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the faithful Church.  Jesus’ letter to Philadelphia is full of effusive praise and incredible promises.  He tells them that they have an open door to Him.  And because they have remained faithful to Him, Jesus will PHYSICALLY REMOVE them from the cataclysmic time of The tribulation that will come upon the earth!

Jesus also tells the Philadelphian Church that He will give them His name and will make them a part of His royal family.  Essentially, Jesus proposes marriage to this Church!   Philadelphia is the Bride of Christ!  Obviously, we should all strive to live up to the works and faith of this church.

Prophetically, Philadelphia lines up with the time of the Great Awakenings and the Missionary period of the 18th and 19th centuries.  The time when fiery and passionate church leaders brought life into the dead Reformation church and inspired social and political liberty that persists (to varying degrees) to this very day!

In this weeks’ episode, we will examine the exemplary Church of Philadelphia

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