February 6, 2021

Revelation Unveiled Ep 23: Satan’s Dispensation

When does the Tribulation begin? Many Bible teachers and commentators put forth the idea that the Tribulation begins immediately after the end of the Church age or the first end-times Rapture (of the Church). But there are good reasons to believe that there will be a significant gap of time between these two events. The 7-year period we call the Tribulation is defined by a convent that the Antichrist confirms with Israel. That means, in order for the Tribulation to begin, the Antichrist has to be on the scene and empowered. And the world needs to be in a state where it is ready for this treaty and the construction of the Jewish temple. This could require quite a bit of time.

I believe that during this gap of time, Satan will be VERY busy implementing the greatest deception the world has ever seen…we’ll talk about it in this week’s episode

The Dispensation of the Serpent (blog post)

The “Dispensation” of the Serpent

Next Episode – Revelation Chapter 6


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