June 28, 2021

Revelation Unveiled Ep. 27: Red and Black Riders – Blood, Money, and Demons

The Red and Black Horsemen of Revelation chapter 6 are traditionally (and culturally) called “War” and “Famine” respectively.  But when you look at the actual language, those descriptive names do not seem entirely accurate.

The Red Rider’s power is to cause men to kill one another, and while there may be an aspect of war, the word “kill” is “sphazo” in Greek, which means to slaughter or butcher – primarily for an animal sacrifice ritual.  This may point to blood sacrifice which is often used to manifest demons and demonic energy.

And while I agree that the Black Rider represents famine, it will NOT be due to scarcity.  The fact that the rider carries a balance in his hand (the then-contemporary symbol of commercial weights and measures) clearly indicates that this will be an economic crisis. Furthermore, with our entire world financial systems completely interdependent, controlled, and virtual (electronically based), currency manipulation would be stunningly easy to enact.

Why is this happening and how is it tied to Satan’s False Apocalypse?  We’ll talk about it in this week’s episode.

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