June 28, 2021

Revelation Unveiled Ep. 28: The Pale Rider and the Return of the Nephalim

The Rider on the Pale Horse is named appropriately named “Death”, and he will kill a 4th of humanity (2 BILLION people!!). This is all a part of Satans plan to usher in his long-planned one-world government, by vastly reducing the population to a more manageable size. This will be done through military action, mass starvation, wide disease outbreaks, and…the beasts of the earth. But these are now cows, chickens, raccoons, and goats going crazy and attacking people. No, the “Beasts of the Earth” is a reference to the return of the demonic hybrids known as the Nephalim, who terrorized the planet during the days of Noah. We’ll discuss this idea and much more in this week’s episode

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Next Episode: Beware of the Lamb!


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