April 15, 2022

Revelation Unveiled Ep 33 – Seven Trumpets part 1: Earth Catastrophes

The 7 Trumpets of Revelation 8 and 9 are intended to break the strongholds that Satan will have erected over the Tribulation world to clear the path to Jesus’ conquest of the earth.

But while the walls of Jericho were physical, Satan’s strongholds are spiritual. What are Spiritual Strongholds?

Spiritually speaking, strongholds are the false/negative belief systems that allow Satan to have power over our lives.
The events of the 7 Trumpets will shatter those strongholds by systematically exposing these false beliefs. We’ll cover the first 4 Trumpet blasts in this episode.

Satanic Strongholds Destroyed – 7 Trumpets Part 3



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