August 12, 2020

Revelation Unveiled – Episode 5: Seven Letters Intro

The Epistles of Jesus!  We all know that the Apostles Paul, Peter, John, and others wrote epistles to churches and people in the New Testament, but most Christians fail to take note of the fact that there are seven New Testament epistles authored by Jesus Himself!  These short but profound messages are known as The Seven Letters to Seven Churches in Revelation chapters 2 and 3.

These letters are actually the most relevant part of the Book of Revelation to Christians! Each one of these densely layered passages not only addresses the first-century churches to whom they were sent, but ALL churches and individual Christians throughout the ages – even to this very day!

Every congregation and person who professes Christ deals with one or more of the same challenges, problems, opportunities, successes, and failures outlines in the epistles of Jesus.  Most provocatively, I believe that these seven letters, in the order in which they were written, prophetically outline ALL of Church history in advance!

In this week’s episode, I give an introduction to these fascinating and profound letters.

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