February 27, 2018

The Sons of God in Genesis 6: Fallen Angels or “Holy” Skirt Chasers? – FBR Podcast #36

The Sons of God in Genesis 6 were NOT the “sons of Seth”. They weren’t even human! They were fallen angels who had intercourse with women to produce strange hybrids called Nephilim Giants. This view is HIGHLY controversial, but it is Biblically and logically accurate. And while the “sons of Seth” theory is accepted Christian orthodoxy, it is illogical, unbiblical, and downright silly. It also turns God into an unjust genocidal maniac for killing 99.9999% of humanity with the Great Flood because they were “behaving badly”. But if you understand the supernatural worldview, the events of Genesis 6 and the Flood actually make MUCH more sense. In this week’s podcast, we will explore the events of Genesis 6 from that supernatural (and accurate) viewpoint and show why the proliferation of the “Sethite” theory was the result of cowardice and intentional ignorance by the early church.

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