March 21, 2018

The Supernatural Worldview: The Key to Understanding Scripture – FBR Podcast #37

Having a Supernatural Worldview is vital to understanding many of the more challenging and difficult passages in the Bible.  If you do not embrace a supernatural worldview, you will miss out on much of the richness of the scriptures and you will never fully understand the Bible.  The supernatural worldview is:

1.  The understanding that there exists an unseen spiritual world alongside our own, inhabited by intelligent and powerful entities (God and Angels) who interact with our physical world.

2.   AND the acknowledgment that this spiritual world should be taken into account in EVERY part of the Biblical narrative, as well as our daily lives.

Most Christians do ok with the first part, but completely reject, ignore, or disregard the second part.  In this podcast, I give 8 examples of Biblical narratives that can be seen in a completely different ways based on whether or not you have the supernatural worldview.  I also address some of the more extreme reactions to my last podcast, and why Faith By Reason may not be the right ministry for you if you are religious…

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