April 4, 2020

What if The Jews Hadn’t Rejected Jesus – FBR Podcast #72

When the Jews rejected Jesus as their King and Messiah in the first century, they effectively ended the Dispensation of the Law.

The 5th Dispensation failed because the Jewish leadership failed to recognize and accept Jesus as their Messiah, despite the enormous evidence that that proved Jesus was the ONLY person who could be the Redeemer.   The Pharisees wanted a Jewish superhero, but instead, they got a suffering servant.

This failure led to the devastation of the land, the scattering of the Jews, and the (temporary) blindness of Israel to her Messiah.

But what if the Jews HAD’NT rejected Jesus? What if they accepted Him as their Messiah? This question is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, the aftermath of a successful 5th Dispensation would have been unique due to the promises God made to Israel. And secondly, the period we call the “Tribulation” would have begun a LOT sooner.

We’ll discuss this provocative idea, and the implications it would have had on the Church in this week’s podcast.


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