February 28, 2017

Is the Bible the Word of God? Can you Prove it? FBR Podcast #6


Is the Bible the Word of God? Can we prove that it came from the First Cause of the universe? We learned in the last podcast that the First Cause has to consist of the causeless principles of righteousness and justice that it must be ALWAYS and COMPLETELY right and just. And that’s ALL  we can definitively know about the First Cause based SOLELY on human understanding. Any other information about it would have to come from the First Cause itself. Is there such an information source?  Obviously, Christians believe that information source is the Bible, but they are not alone.  ALL belief systems, religious and secular, believe that they have information from the First Cause. But which of them (if any) are right? And can the information be objectively proven to be from the First Cause? On this podcast:

  • The various belief systems that claim to have knowledge about and from the First Cause
  • A contrastive comparison of that knowledge and information based on what we already know about the First Cause
  • How the Bible is unique from all the other “holy books”
  • Some controversies about the Bible
  • How my snarky college professor inspired Faith By Reason

Programming Note: An intrepid listener informed me that I might be in copyright violation because I’ve been using music from Prince as my intro and exit theme, so I had no choice but to replace it with lame, generic royalty free music (sorry).

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