March 7, 2017

Can You Trust the Bible? Is the Bible Full of Contradictions? FBR Episode #7

Is the Bible full of contradictions and errors of logic and science? Can we trust the Bible as a reliable information source from the First Cause of creation, or is it just a primitive book full of fallacious myths and religious superstitions? We will address those questions and more on this week’s podcast, including:

  • Is the Bible untrustworthy because it was written by men?
  • Can we rely on the information in a book that was written thousands of years ago?
  • Doesn’t the Bible condone slavery, oppression of women, and other unjust practices?
  • Hasn’t the content of the Bible changed and been tampered with over the years?
  • Isn’t the Bible full of contradictions?
  • There are so many interpretations of the Bible, how can we know which (if any) are correct?
  • If the Bible is from an all-knowing God, why doesn’t it answer ALL the mysteries of the universe?

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