April 19, 2017

Darwinism: The Deadliest Religion on Earth – FBR Podcast #13

Darwin (and his ridiculous theory ) is not only an affront to empirical science, he spawned the most cruel, brutal, inhuman, murderous, oppressive, and morally bankrupt philosophy in history! Darwinian Philosophy condones and promotes genocide, racism, class warfare, eugenics, Nazism, Communism, and the suppression of the poor and infirmed. Yet despite its nightmarish aspect, smirking atheists and secularists blithely embrace it while blaming religion and faith for all the world’s problems!  Worse still, apathetic Christians let them get away with it.  In this week’s podcast

  • Why evolution is a religion
  • Reactions to last week’s podcast on evolution
  • The origin and limitations of Darwin’s theory
  • How Darwinian evolution is not empirically scientific
  • Why this philosophy renders your life meaningless
  • The lesser-known Darwin book that led to genocide, racism, and war
  • Why racism is the dumbest rationalization on earth
  • How atheism is responsible for more war and death than all religions combined
  • How Margaret Sanger’s Darwinian philosophy led to infanticide
  • Why the blame for the proliferation and mainstreaming of this gruesome philosophy lies at the feet of Christians!

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3 thoughts on “Darwinism: The Deadliest Religion on Earth – FBR Podcast #13
  1. John Leslie

    The podcast starts with a few comments about previous podcasts, and you make the point that ad hominem attacks don’t refute any argument, just reveal the juvenile mindset of the attacker. Very good. Within two minutes, however, you go on to launch an ad hominem attack on Bill Nye ! A real case of splinter / log in the eye. You are a Christian, son. Don’t do that.

    1. E.M.

      An Ad Hominem attack ONLY attacks the person, while NOT addressing the subject matter. If my ENTIRE argument against evolution consisted of personally disparaging Bill Nye, then you’d have a point. However, I spend nearly an hour addressing the subject matter that Nye advocates (2 hours if you count both of my evolution podcasts), therefore it is not an ad hominem attack. When Jesus called the Pharisees “whitewashed tombs filled with dead men’s bones” or when He referred to them as children of the devil, do you see that as an ad hominem attack or do you look at the ENTIRE context of the passage?

  2. Gwendolyn Stansel

    30 years ago I believed Bill Nye was a wonderful science teacher, and love the idea that my first son enjoyed his program as it was so in formidable.
    After much research, over just the last few years I learned that unfortunately he and Tyson are nothing more than pushers for false theory’s & narratives under “science”, such as gravity that they can’t even prove with their so called science. They are simply worm mouth liars, deceiving people from truth.


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