April 25, 2017

Why a Good God Allows Evil, and the Nature of Man – FBR Podcast #14

If God is good and all-powerful, then why is there evil in the world? Wouldn’t a good, loving, and benevolent Supreme Being stop evil before it happens, and/or immediately punish evil-doers?  Whenever I’ve spoken with unbelievers about their hesitance in accepting the existence of God, it usually comes down to these questions. And they are actually very logical questions to ask. But the fact is that it would be unrighteous and unjust for God to stop evil before it happens! And as much as we may think we want God to intervene in this manner, the truth is that if He did, we’d HATE it, and we’d hate Him! It all comes down to the nature of man, why God made man the way He did, and His plan for us. In this week’s podcast:

  • The nature of man and why man is unique and special
  • Free will vs. volitional will
  • Why God (and Satan) do NOT have free will (PLEASE listen to my explanation in the podcast BEFORE you condemn that statement).
  • What does God desire and how does man fit into the fulfillment of that desire?
  • Why God CAN’T (for the most part) stop evil before it happens
  • Why it would be unjust for God to always judge evil immediately
  • If God DID stop evil and punish evil the way we think we want Him to, WE WOULD HATE IT!
  • How God’s delayed punishment (mercy), is just and is the only way we can be forgiven and justified

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5 thoughts on “Why a Good God Allows Evil, and the Nature of Man – FBR Podcast #14
  1. Lela

    God does not have free will, but when God the son came down to Earth as Jesus, He became human, and therefore had free will. You’ve mentioned on previous podcasts that the totality of Jesus’ divine nature was not revealed to him at any point in his natural life, so does that mean that as a human, God as Jesus was capable of exercising free will and therefor capable of acting in ways that were other than righteous and just? Not saying that he did, or had the inclination to (I wouldn’t know for sure, I’m not as learned in Biblical studies as most people who grew up Christian), just asking if you think that is possible based on the principles that govern reality.

    I’m finding the entire podcast fascinating and enriching. Thank you again for your work.

    1. E.M.

      Jesus stated that during HIs life on earth, He did NOTHING of HIs own will. He ONLY did what the Father told Him to do. Jesus had free will, but He gave that will COMPLETELY over to God. I equate Jesus to the avatar in a video game that God the Father is “playing”. Like a video game character, Jesus was physically capable of doing anything He wanted in-world (including sin). But since He ONLY did what God told Him, and God is incapable of sin, then Jesus was also incapable of sin.

  2. Morgan Kemp

    Hey Ed! The link to the test to see what our nature is doesn’t work, just like a lot of the links, I know why, they are trying to censor the truth but if there is any way you can resend the link to test our nature would be much appreciated, much love, Ed you have changed my life, you are a gift, keep doing what you are doing❤️

    1. E.M.

      Hi Morgan, thank you for letting me know about the broken link. I need to do an audit of my older pages and fix the lionks that don’t work. Anyway, here is an updated link https://flowcess.com/

      I can’t recommend Flowcess enough. The information is life changing

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