April 11, 2017

Evolution : The Idiotic, Ludicrous, Impossible Fairy Tale – FBR Podcast #12

Evolution is NOT science! It’s an utterly asinine and ludicrous fairy tale promoted by brain-damaged people who voluntarily and intentionally choose to believe what they know is impossible rather than accept the obvious truth of a supernatural creator.

Evolution is SCIENTIFICALLY impossible. Not unlikely. Not improbable…IMPOSSIBLE! That is not my opinion as a Christian. It is a fact that is EASILY proven through empirical science. I will not use God or the Bible to disprove evolution. It is such ridiculously fallacious tripe, that it quickly falls apart on its own under objective observation! In this podcast I will show:

  • The TRUE definition of science
  • How the so-called “war” between faith and science is a fabrication
  • How every step along the evolutionary path, from the “Big Bang” to the advent of simple life on earth, is scientifically impossible.
  • How NO OTHER planet in the universe could sustain life
  • Why the evidence for intricate design is undeniable
  • How the probability of the building blocks of life (let alone actual sentient life) occurring by random chance is impossible by exponentially unimaginable magnitudes
  • Proof that high-level scientists do NOT believe in evolution
  • Why scientists who know better still chose to embrace this moronic affront to science, and intentionally damage their brains to do so.

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