June 4, 2020

Faith By Reason Goes Video with Revelation Unveiled!

Starting next week, Faith By Reason will begin using video as the primary media for our teachings. The videos will appear in weekly posts as well as our new YouTube channel (link below).

We will begin with a verse by verse study of the Book of Revelation. The reasons for this change in format are two-fold and I will discuss them in detail during this podcast:

  1. The next several topics I was planning to cover in our broad dispensation study were: the Seven Letters to Seven Churches (Revelation 2-3), the “Rapture” (Revelation 4), The “Tribulation” (Revelation 6, 8-9), the Antichrist (Revelation 11 – 13), The end of Religion (Revelation 17-18), God’s Wrath (Revelation 14-16), Armageddon (Revelation 19), the “Millennium” (Revelation 20), the Final Judgment and implementation of God’s plan (Revelation 21-23). Those topics cover almost 90% of the Book of Revelation, so I figured, why not just do the entire book?
  2. Video will allow me an additional way to engage with my audience. My hope is that by adding a visual component, the messages of Faith By Reason will become even more impactful and provide you with an overall improved experience.

For those of you who prefer the podcast format, please know that I will continue to offer an audio-only platform that will work the same way it does now.

Get ready for a grand new adventure, starting next week!


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