January 19, 2019

Why Does God Demand Sacrifice? FBR Podcast #55

Why does God demand sacrifice?  The Levitical Law is full or commandments to give sacrificial offerings for sin, guilt, restoration, ect.  It also demands many other seemingly odd and arcane liturgical practices.  Its important to note that God does NOT demand sacrifice because He is a petty cosmic dictator who likes the smell of burnt animals.  Nor it is because God has some kind of insecurity complex that is satisfied by our worship.  In fact, God’s demand for sacrifice is not for His benefit AT ALL!  The ceremonial Levitical Laws were implemented in order to prepare Israel for the advent of their Redeemer.

If Israel had obeyed the levitical ceremonial Laws, they would have literally been rehearsing the life, death, and resurrection of their Messiah for over 1000 years!  And they would have been ready to receive Him when He arrived.  But they weren’t

How did they miss an event that should have been culturally ingrained in them for a millennia?  Religion!

The Religious leaders in Israel corrupted the Law so thoroughly, that it became unrecognizable!  Thus the Redeemer it foretold was unrecognizable to them.  So much so that they not only rejected their Messiah, they had Him killed!  More proof that religion causes brain damage.

We’ll discuss the ceremonial Laws in this week’s podcast

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2 thoughts on “Why Does God Demand Sacrifice? FBR Podcast #55
  1. Steve S

    I remember that Twilight Zone episode, with Billy Mumy before Lost in Space.
    BTW, are you in New Orleans? I may have misheard. My dad drove a cab there in the 60s & 70s.
    You do an excellent job of teaching & challenging. Thank you for the very hard work.


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