January 26, 2019

Is the Church Under the Law? Sabbath and Tithe: FBR Podcast #56

Is the Church under the Law? Is the Levitical Law applicable to us in this era? Do we have to Tithe? The answer should actually be pretty simple and straightforward. Since we established an objective and non-contradictory definition for what it means to be under the Law, and since we know the purposes of the Law, all we have to do is look to see if our current reality fits those purposes, and we’ll have the answer. However, as usual, religious people muddy the waters with their ridiculous ideas and addendums based on pride. And in their brain-damaged furor, they corrupt and confuse God’s Word and the purpose of the Law.

In this week’s podcast, we will clear up the confusion and answer the question of whether or not Christians are required to obey any or all parts of the Law – including the Tithe. (apologies for the audio quality, I was having microphone issues)

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