May 16, 2018

Leaders of Organized Religion: The Mystic Behind the Curtain – FBR Podcast #41

The leaders of organized religions are people I call “Mystics”.  They stared at Babel, and have spread to every corner of the world, amassing power and influence by guarding access to their secrets.  In the secular world, they exist in secret societies that influence governments.  Or as members or hereditary priesthood and “royal bloodlines” that consolidate and hoard power from the people.  But they are also found in “Christian” churches!

So how do “Christian” mystics amass power and influence when we all have access to the Word of God?  They claim that the information God has revealed to man is incomplete!  There is a secret treasure trove of juicy knowledge that God has only given to his super special elite followers.  And of course, God made them the holy, anointed guardians of this knowledge.  So if you want to know the real, honest-to-goodness, full and complete truth of God, you must submit to their authority and only believe what they say about God!  We will discuss the origin of the Mystics in this week’s podcast.


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