May 24, 2018

Why Governments Fail: False Eden and Immoral Man – FBR Podcast #42

Governments fail, and will ALWAYS fail because they all rely on the existence of the impossible in order to function optimally.  That impossibility is perfectly moral human beings!  Human government is man’s attempt to recreate the perfection of Eden without God. But every government and societal theory, institution, entity, or structure; whether secular or religious, can ONLY reach this Edenic facsimile if all of humanity is always and completely righteous and just (which, ironically means that all man’s utopian governmental ideas can only work if all men receive Biblical Salvation!).

Of course, this is not man’s nature (far from it) so governments institute laws and punishments to force subjective morality on to man. And If man fails to live up to this impossible standard of perfect morality (whether by choice or force), the governments fail…only to be replaced by yet another futile government system.  Man will remain caught in this cycle of futility until God sets up His perfect government.  In this week’s podcast, we will examine the origin, nature, and futility of Human Government.


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