March 14, 2017

Love and Atheists (and the Truth About God’s Love) FBR Podcast #8

Atheists argue that the God of the Bible isn’t a God of love. And technically, they’re right! God is a God of absolute righteousness and justice. The ultimate EFFECT of being right and just is love! So then, what is love? Is it a feeling, or a choice? In this podcast we’ll look at an argument I had with an annoying atheist (is there any other kind?) that led to the true definition of God’s love. We’ll also cover:

  • How you can tell if a person is an atheist (or from New York) in 60 seconds
  • How atheists tacitly admit that they are insane
  • How most of us (including Christians) have a wrong definition of love
  • The true Biblical definition of love
  • Why God is NOT a “God of love”.
  • The first demonstration of love in the Bible (and how it relates to the ULTIMATE show of love)
  • The KJV of 1 Corinthians 13 gives the most accurate definition of love

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