March 23, 2017

Three Gods, or One? Is the Trinity Biblical? The Answer is Love! FBR Podcast #9

Is God three gods or one?   What is the concept of the Trinity and why is it so controversial? Is there Biblical evidence that God is three “persons”? If so, what does that mean, and HOW can God be singular AND multiple? Whether or not God is a Trinity has less to do with theology and more to do with LOVE!  I’ll explain more in this week’s podcast. Plus, just for listening, you’ll receive 3 FREE BONUS GIFTS!!

  • BONUS GIFT 1: How to respond to people who say Christians aren’t being loving when we have the audacity to occasionally be less than nice
  • BONUS GIFT 2: How to shut down people who accuse you of being a “judgmental Christian”. Not only are Christians allowed to be “judgmental”, Jesus COMMANDS us to be!
  • What is the doctrine of the Trinity?
  • Why is the doctrine so controversial?
  • BONUS GIFT 3: How to get rid of Jehovah’s Witnesses with 5 Bible verses that will ensure they never come back
  • Why God’s nature allows for the possibility of the Trinity
  • How LOVE requires at least three persons

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