June 10, 2017

Original Sin: Naked and Ashamed – FBR Podcast #20

Original Sin is usually defined as the eating of the Forbidden Fruit by Adam and Eve. But I would contend that what happened immediately AFTER they ate the fruit is much more important. Why? God did not immediately judge Adam and Eve after they ate the fruit. Instead, He asked them questions! Their responses to God’s questions were the determining factor in the success or Failure of this Dispensation and Original Sin. In this week’s podcast:

  • Why were Adam and Eve ashamed to be naked? (wouldn’t your spouse be the person you’re most comfortable being naked with? There’s obviously something more going on here)
  • What does the Bible mean by the terms “naked” and “uncovered”?
  • What REALLY happened to Noah when he was “uncovered” in his tent?
  • Why did God as Adam and Eve questions before He rendered judgment for their disobedience?
  • How could Adam have answered God differently and changed history?
  • The first example of Justification
  • Why did God have 2 Cherubim guard the way to the Tree of Life?

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