June 2, 2017

The Serpent and the End of Innocence – FBR Podcast #19

The Serpent is the most infamous character in the Eden narrative. But was Eve really deceived by a “talking snake”? Biblical, etymological, and logical evidence shows that the Serpent (“Nachash” in Hebrew) was NOT a snake. So what was he? How did he deceive Eve? Why did he desire the fall of man? In this week’s podcast:

  • A review of Eden and Man’s pre-fall status
  • Why vegans are so annoying (I go a bit off topic here)
  • The temptation of Eve
  • Reasons why the Nachash was NOT a snake
  • Evidence that the “Serpent” was Lucifer/Satan
  • How did Nachash come to mean serpent/snake?
  • What was Original Sin

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4 thoughts on “The Serpent and the End of Innocence – FBR Podcast #19
  1. Jonathan Paul

    Joke accepted. These podcasts are too good to get caught up on an opinion about pets. But in my own, the list of advantages to owning a cat over a dog is seemingly infinitely longer. Like the fact that my cat started peeing in the toilet on his own last week. Check-mate🤣. Thanks for all the amazing work Ed, found you through TFH, and your 2nd appearance may have been even betterthan your 1st!!! Home run!!!

    1. E.M.

      Thanks! And I’d love to see your “infinite list”. I assume it doesn’t include loyalty, protection, unconditional love, teaching tricks, and coming when you call them. (I kid, I kid!…mostly)


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