June 2, 2017

The Serpent and the End of Innocence – FBR Podcast #19

The Serpent is the most infamous character in the Eden narrative. But was Eve really deceived by a “talking snake”? Biblical, etymological, and logical evidence shows that the Serpent (“Nachash” in Hebrew) was NOT a snake. So what was he? How did he deceive Eve? Why did he desire the fall of man? In this week’s podcast:

  • A review of Eden and Man’s pre-fall status
  • Why vegans are so annoying (I go a bit off topic here)
  • The temptation of Eve
  • Reasons why the Nachash was NOT a snake
  • Evidence that the “Serpent” was Lucifer/Satan
  • How did Nachash come to mean serpent/snake?
  • What was Original Sin

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