October 19, 2020

Revelation Unveiled – Episode 9: Letter to Thyatira

Thyatira is the pagan church.  In His letter to Thyatira, Jesus commends their good works but chastises them for letting a “Jezebel” lead them into idolatry.

Prophetically, Thyatira coincides with the Roman Church of the middle ages. The Mystic paganism that began to seep into the Church during the era of Pergamos became official dogma.  The Mystics became the leaders of the church and completely reshaped Christian doctrine into a warped and corrupt theocratic monstrosity that ruled the world for almost a thousand years.  This theocracy was and is Roman Catholicism.

Keep in mind, that when I speak of Catholicism, I am SPECIFICALLY referring to the hierarchy that creates and enforces the heretical teachings, rites, symbols, ceremonies, and blatant Idolatry that encompasses the Catholic religion.  The individual Catholic people are most often the victims of this religious abuse.  The admonition from Jesus is for true believers to leave this institution before they suffer her long-overdue judgment.

In this week’s episode, we will look at how Jesus’ letter to Thyatira affects the Church historically, personally, and prophetically

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