November 30, 2018

Selling Your Soul to the Devil. Is it Real? FBR Podcast #51

Selling your soul to the Devil.  It sounds like something out of Faustian legends or a horror movie.  But the truth is that people willingly enter into agreements with evil spiritual entities in order to reap material rewards (fame and fortune) in exchange for furthering their evil agenda.  Unfortunately, people can also enter into these agreements indirectly by exposing themselves to occult influence and opening themselves up to false spirituality.  If you were to tell these people – you are selling your soul to the Devil, they would dismiss you.  But they are slowly corrupted by the demonic forces until they end up doing their will anyway.  Unlike fallen angels, demons cannot physically manifest.  They can only possess, and corrupt.  And selling your soul to the Devil is one of their favorite ways to achieve their goals.  In this week’s podcast, we will discuss the reality of selling your soul to the Devil, and how it works.

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Next Podcast – What Are Holy Angels Like?


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