October 22, 2019

The REAL Jesus: Passion and Discomfort – FBR Podcast #69

The real Jesus of the Bible bears little resemblance to the one portrayed in society, and even in most churches. The common depiction of Jesus is that of a sweet, kind, tepid, non-confrontational, magic human teddy bear. He is gentle, harmless, and kind. He is cajoling, forgiving, and accepting. He is mild-mannered, passionless, and bland. He is weak, abused, and impotent. Isn’t this what we are told He is – “Gentle Jesus, meek and mild”?

But the real Jesus was fierce and passionate. He healed the sick, but He rebuked the proud. He cared for children, but He threatened to drown anyone who’d harm a child. He taught truth to many, but intentionally hid truth to others. He raised the dead, but He let a good friend suffer and die just to prove a point. He was the Prince of Peace, but He violently assaulted the thieved in the temple.

Jesus is complex. He is hard to deal with. He sometimes makes us uncomfortable. He’s a little scary. He’s rarely seen in modern churches, and most Christians scarcely know who He is.  He did NOT come to give us a life of comfort. His desire is that we grow, and growth requires a life of tension and challenges. THAT’S the life Jesus promised us. And if you expect anything else, you are deceived.

In this podcast, we will take a look at the real Jesus

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