March 29, 2018

The Tower of Babel and the Gateway to God – FBR Podcast #38

The Tower of Babel was not built because the post-Flood generation thought that God “lived in the sky” and if they make a structure tall enough, they could reach Him.  Granted, that idea is the orthodox viewpoint, but if you have the supernatural worldview that we talked about during the last podcast, you understand that there is much more going on here. Bab-El literally means “gateway to God”.  And that is exactly what the people of this dispensation were actually trying to do – build a doorway to the spiritual world where God dwells.  But the most remarkable part is that if He hadn’t intervened, God said that they would have been successful!!

What was the Tower of Babel?  Who is the remarkable character named Nimrod who commissioned its building?  And where did the various races and nationalities come from?  We will examine those questions in this week’s podcast.

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