February 7, 2017

Where Did God Come From? What’s the Cause of Existence? FBR Podcast #3

Was the cause of existence natural, or supernatural?  IF the universe had a First Cause, then understanding everything we can about it will get us closer to an answer to the question we asked last week –  “What’s the point of existence?” In this week’s podcast, we begin to explore what we can know about the First Cause.

  • Have time, space, matter, and energy always existed, or did they have a beginning?
  • Did the universe come into existence in accordance to the natural laws of physics?
  • If not, then what can we say about the First Cause of existence?
  • What are the laws that govern existence?
  • Why a messy room is proof that the universe cannot be infinite
  • How the First Cause is OUTSIDE of time and space (and what that means)

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Next podcast – How does God see time?


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