February 14, 2017

How Does God Experience Time? FBR Podcast #4

If God is Transcendent (outside of time), then how does He relate to our physical time domain? Bible prophecy makes it clear that God can predict the future. But is the future “set”?  If so, then is everything already predetermined?  Do we really have free will?  We’ll examine how God might experience time in this podcast, including:

  • Can causality alone explain how God can predict the future?
  • Why looking at the past can help us understand how God sees the future.
  • Does God see the future happen, or does He make it happen (or both)?
  • How do stories give us a glimpse of the eternal perspective?
  • Can we get insight into how God experiences time by watching Star Wars movies (even the crappy episodes)?

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2 thoughts on “How Does God Experience Time? FBR Podcast #4
  1. Lela

    So is the woman is literally Eve, the first woman/mother of humanity, who is also figuratively(?) the mother of Israel (I say figuratively because there were four women who birthed these 12 sons in the Bible, so I’m wondering if a vision of one “mother of Israel” is a figurative representation of the “birth of a nation” depicted through the biological birthing process of a woman?), who is also literally Mary, human mother of Jesus? Is this a situation where Eve is “every woman, it’s all in her,” or is this a situation where scenes are flashing rapidly and one woman blends into another? Or is every mother figure (those of significant spiritual consequence, anyway) in the Bible a reincarnation of Eve?

    The dragon wanting to destroy Jesus and falling to earth alongside the angels under his command/sympathetic to his cause is a familiar story that I understand about a familiar figure. I even understand Mary and Eve as figures. But are Mary, Eve, and the spiritual mother of Israel all one person? Are they their own trinity of sorts?

    If you explain this in your Revelations series just let me know and I’ll get there in due time! Just asking as the questions come to me!

    1. E.M.

      I do go into more detail on the Woman in my revelation series. But briefly, I believe she symbliizes all the women who were crucial in the birth of Isreal and the Messianic line ( the Seed of the Woman). Eve (because she is the physical mother of us all), Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, and eventually Mary


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