April 5, 2018

Are All Religions the Same? The Origin of Organized Religion: FBR Podcast #39

Are all religions the same?  Many people think so.  And it’s almost understandable when you look at the fact that most religions share the same themes of “god(s)”, creation narratives, the fall and redemption of man, supernatural intervention, and apocalyptic judgment.  Some of them even feature a “virgin birth”, and the death of a “god” in order to save mankind.  Furthermore, many of these various religious texts predate the Bible by hundreds of years.  So is the Bible just a collection of older religious beliefs complied by the ancient Jews as many secularists believe?

Absolutely not!  The Bible is unique in many ways that we’ve discussed previously.  Furthermore, God’s plan was known by men LONG before any other religion was established.  In fact, I would argue that all other religions are corruptions of God’s plan.

Where and how did God first reveal his plan to mankind?  We’ll explore that question on this week’s podcast.

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