April 26, 2018

The Mother of Harlots (and Organized Religion) – FBR Podcast #40

The Mother of Harlots is the title given to the original false religion which started at Babel (Babylon), and gave birth to all the false religions around the world.  But in a denotative sense, the physical Mother of Harlots was the Queen of Babel – the mother/wife of Nimrod, known as Semiramis.

Through her deceit, manipulation, deception, and lust for power, she created the first organized spiritual opposition to God’s plan (religion), but corrupting the Gospel narrative, and inserting herself and her family in the place of the Holy Trinity!  When God judged Babel and scattered the population, each group took a version of that first organized religion and adapted it to their, resulting in the various ancient religions.

Who was Semiramis, and how did she create organized religion?  We’ll talk about it on this week’s podcast.

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