May 25, 2019

Biblical Arguments Resolved – Multiple Resolutions! FBR Podcast #63

Biblical arguments abound when Christians (and non-Christians) see passages and doctrines that conflict with, or seem to contradict one another.  These conflicts lead to destructive and divisive arguments that split up churches and even families. Like all conflicts of this kind, Biblical arguments are rooted in comparative thinking (pride) – you try to prove yourselves right, and/or prove the other person wrong.  But Jesus commanded Christians to love one another and walk in fellowship.  How can we do that, when Biblical conflicts threaten to tear us apart?  By using the one sure remedy for pride – contrastive thinking!

In this case, the form of contrastive thinking I recommend is called “Multiple Resolution”.  It’s a simple interpretive philosophy that goes like this: If the Bible has multiple conflicting or contradicting descriptions of the same event or doctrine, then there MUST be MORE THAN ONE occurrence of the event or doctrine!  It seems obvious, yet we often go to war with each other because we usually reject this idea.  Instead of seeing multiple resolutions to the conflict, we pridefully chose the SINGLE resolution we like best. Then we ignore or disparage any other possibility.  We try to prove our pet theory right INSTEAD of trying to prove the Bible right!  If that isn’t blatant pride, I don’t know what is!

In this podcast, I will show several examples of how common Biblical arguments can be easily resolved if we embrace Multiple Resolutions.

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One thought on “Biblical Arguments Resolved – Multiple Resolutions! FBR Podcast #63
  1. Joel

    I believe the Roman Catholic trinity Jesus will be the antichrist, the imposter Christ that will position himself on equal footing if not higher than the one true God, the Father and God of Jesus (John 17:3). The trinity Jesus is already well positioned in all mainstream churches as equal to the Father in power even though Jesus never claims this power in the bible himself. It’s hard to walk out of a mainstream protestant church without the feeling that you’ve spent most of your energy worshipping just the son of God, and not the one true God almighty, the Father, much less the third wheel of the third person Holy Ghost person. I base these ideas somewhat on predictive programming in videos such as I, Pet Goat II and movies the Matrix 1-4. In I, Pet Goat II, an imposter Jesus that has the appearance of the Catholic trinity Jesus is rolled out to form the one world government of the antichrist. In the Matrix, esp. number 4, it is shown that the antichrist character (neo is antichrist b/c he uses violence and killing to achieve his goals and his city is in the depths of the earth, etc) is symbiotic with Trinity. So the antichrist and Trinity can’t live without one another according to the movie, the predictive programming. This is revelation of the method in film.


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