May 12, 2017

How to Think Like God and Always be Right – FBR Podcast #16

To think like God, you must have a thought process that is always and completely righteous. Believe it or not, we actually have this ability!  We use it every day.  In fact, we LOVE using it on other people  – but rarely use it on ourselves, because doing so would require something most of us struggle with: HUMILITY.  However, when properly mastered, this thought process will not only ensure that you will always be right (righteous), it will allow you to end any disagreement in seconds.  In fact, if world leaders used this thought process, we’d have world peace in a matter of hours!  In this week’s podcast:

  • How can we always be right when much of what we think is ALREADY wrong?
  • The reason that red and blue Jellybeans are the official FBR logo
  • The definition of humility and why God gives such high regard to the humble
  • The definition of Pride, why it’s so easy, and why God hates it so much
  • Why pride is the source of ALL disagreements (and will GUARANTEE that you’ll go to Hell)
  • Why religion is the WORST form of pride
  • How to end ANY argument in less than 2 minutes
  • How relying on God is the ONLY way we can be righteous and humble

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