July 1, 2019

The Death of Jesus: Victorious Defeat FBR Podcast #64

The death of Jesus and His subsequent resurrection constitutes the most significant event in human history to this point. The death of Jesus by crucifixion was the most tortuous execution imaginable. The mental and physical agony He endured was staggering. Jesus was

  • Betrayed by one of his closest followers,
  • Abandoned by nearly all the remaining disciple,
  • Severely beaten with fists,
  • Forced to endure three illegal trials while not defending himself,
  • Rejected by His beloved people in favor of a known murderer
  • Brutalized by sadistic Roman soldiers to the point of near death
  • Forced to drag a heavy cross through the streets of Jerusalem
  • Executed by the most brutally painful method ever designed

But was the death of Jesus a tragedy or a triumph? Was Jesus the victim or the orchestrator of these events? We’ll examine those ideas in this week’s podcast


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