April 5, 2017

The Age of the Earth, and Biblical Creation – FBR Podcast #11

Is Earth billions of years old as evolutionists and “Old Earth Creationists” say, or is it only a few thousand years old as “Young Earth Creationists” purport? Does the creation narrative in Genesis 1 help answer these questions? The answer is a blunt NO!

If we’re being completely honest, we have to admit that Genesis 1 frankly does a TERRIBLE job of giving a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the enormous complexity of the physics and biology of creation. But what if that’s NOT the intention of the passage? So why was Genesis written the way it was? What IS the age of the universe (and does it even matter)? We’ll examine those questions on this week’s podcast, including:

  • Why the creation narrative is so brief and lacking in detail
  • The REAL reason that Genesis 1 is in the Bible
  • Did God create the world in a state of order or chaos?
  • What is the so-called “gap theory”
  • The true message of the Book of Job (I kind of went off on a tangent…)
  • When and how did Satan fall?
  • Why trying to figure out the age of the earth is meaningless

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2 thoughts on “The Age of the Earth, and Biblical Creation – FBR Podcast #11
  1. Gwendolyn Stansel

    In an attempt to confirm the age of our earth “young versus old” timeline debate,
    I’m sad to say, you kinda lose me with your example of a different possible cause, or unknown possible time prospective difference, that could possibly Jade ones attempt in true confirmation.
    Noting a set of twins, would undoubtedly, result in a 1/80 year ratio age gape between them would occur due to the rate of speed they would be travelling at.
    ~ one twin hurling through outer space faster than the remaining soon to be 80 year old twin who is stuck on a earth that is apparently rotating at a much slower speed, thus resulting in the first twin ageing only one year on return.

    This scenario loses me, because to my knowledge, no one has ever actually been able to literally test this theory and prove this would be the outcome, let alone prove the Earth is spinning at any rate.
    And so, I believe this in its self is nothing more than an imaginary theory, supported by an infinite mathematical equation, that’s based on a foundation of assumptions ultimately rendering it nothing more than a fantasy, not even a myth or legend to support it.
    therefore I feel it is not a true depiction of an actual cause that could be muddying up the data.
    Not to mention I believe the Bible states our earth is stationary, or to quote NASA’s documented flight manuals confirming we are on a non-rotating plane.”
    If this is the case, how then could anyone’s so-called account of time be a factor in determining this on any level?

    Could it just be possible that we simply haven’t discovered all the physical clues that are still waiting to be uncovered that could confirm a possible true age?

    Sorry, it just doesn’t fit for me.
    Perhaps, I simply misinterpreted your example, and if that’s the case, my apologies for the above babble Lol

    Wishing u a most wonderful day my friend!

    1. E.M.

      Hello Gwendolyn,

      Thank you for your comments. If I were to summarize my thoughts on the age of the earth, it would be this – It has little to no relevance on my acceptance of the Biblical worldview. I used relativity to illustrate that time is not absolute – that theory has been rendered into equations in physics and tested many times – but if you don’t believe in it, that’s fine. Nevertheless, the inescapable conclusion in Christian philosophy is that God is NOT subject to physical time, and we don’t know the mechanic of how time may have dilated and/or contracted during the process of material creation. Therefore using our current stationary means of testing the age of the earth is unreliable – and in my opinion irrelevant


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