May 19, 2017

Is God Humble? The Story of Human History – FBR Podcast #17

Humble is not an attribute we generally associate with God. Holy? Yes. Almighty? Sure. Loving, righteous, and all-knowing? Of course. But when was the last time you heard God called “humble”? Have you ever?  But if God is righteous, and being righteous means being contrastive, and being contrastive requires humility, then doesn’t God HAVE to be humble? The answer is yes! Not only is God humble, the way He demonstrates His Humility is the story of our entire history on Earth! In this week’s podcast:

  • Can we get to Heaven by always being right like God?
  • How and why God is humble
  • How God demonstrates His humility through His interactions with man
  • Why it would be UNJUST for God to unilaterally implement His plan for us
  • What are the “Dispensations”? Am I a dispensationalist? (short answer – no)
  • Why the term “7-year Tribulation” is inaccurate and cannot be used to justify a Post-Trib Rapture (ok, I got a bit off-topic here…)

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3 thoughts on “Is God Humble? The Story of Human History – FBR Podcast #17
    1. E.M.

      Hi Scott,

      Thanks for pointing this out. I haven’t head about any playback issues from other listeners, but its entirely possible that my podcast server has gone a little wonky recently. I’ll check it out. Also, make sure that the embedded player, or whatever listening device you’re using isn’t set to 1 1/2 speed or higher.


      1. Scott Taube


        You were right. It was an issue on my end. In fact, it was exactly as you said. Sorry about that. I was kind of getting into the high speed (it was set at 1 1/2). I felt like it was good for my listening skills. I had to focus a little more than usual. Though it sounded like you just did a line before you started.

        I also want to point out that I rather enjoy your side stories very much. It adds to the whole experience. Whether it’s replying to a listener or just going off because something you’re talking about sent you that way. Great work as always!



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