May 4, 2017

What is Heaven and Why it’s the Meaning of Life – FBR Podcast #15

Heaven is the Meaning of Life!  The reason we are so perpetually unsatisfied, the reason we can never be truly happy on earth in spite of our best efforts is because we were created for something, for SOMEPLACE exponentially greater!  To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, “If you have a longing for which nothing in this world can satisfy, then the only logical conclusion is that you were made for a different world”.  But if Heaven is the answer to “What’s the Point?”, then how do we get there?  And more importantly, why does God WANT us there?  In this podcast:

  • The true meaning of life
  • God’s greatest desire (and how a perfect and complete God can even HAVE a desire).
  • How man was made to dwell in Heaven
  • How Marriage is the KEY to the Meaning of Life
  • Why ALL creation is “hardwired” to worship, but man’s free will makes it VERY dangerous
  • How to be like God

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4 thoughts on “What is Heaven and Why it’s the Meaning of Life – FBR Podcast #15
  1. Mark

    Near the end of this episode you mention that receiving worship is something that warps peoples’ minds. Since worshiping others results in their minds becoming worse over time, I think that it could even be likened do abusing them. That’s a perspective I’d never thought of before.

  2. Lela

    Your point about worshipping at concerts is factual based on my lived experience. Also based on my lived experience, I know there is a price to pay energetically after participating (unwittingly or otherwise) in such activities—feeling unwell, low energy, trouble breathing, etc.

    If we, the audience, are being depleted in a way that can be felt physically, what does the person on stage gain physically after a world tour of this type of siphoning? I feel as though celebrities and music artists often die on the younger end of the spectrum and suffer from a number of ailments. Are they not converting the energy they receive from us into something they can use for their own gain? Or is this all happening subconsciously for them too? Or are these ailments a part of what you mentioned about only God being able to handle worship—from a physical standpoint as well?

    1. E.M.

      I don’t know everything that spiritually happens to a human being who receives worship, but I know that we are not capable of handling it, so it causes us mental.spiritual damage. I equate to when a child is (unfortunately) sexually abused. They are not mentally or physically capable of handling it, so often their minds fracture in many ways as they try to cope with it. Often permanently.


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