February 21, 2017

Proving God’s Existence in 10 Seconds – FBR Podcast #5

You can prove that God exists in just 10 seconds!!  Taking the information that we’ve covered in the previous episodes, we can discern the definitive nature of God!  Not only that, but in discerning the truth of God’s nature, we can discover our own nature and that we, like God, are eternal spirits!  We’ll also cover:

  • How to understand who you REALLY are
  • What is “spirit”, and what does that mean?
  • How could the non-physical (spirit) create the physical universe?
  • Why the REAL you is timeless and eternal (whether you like it or not)
  • The limit of what we can know about God based SOLELY on human understanding
  • *BONUS* How to become wealthy without doing any work

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Next Podcast: How Do We Know the Bible is the Word of God?


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