August 8, 2018

Is Satan Real? Spiritual Warfare Part 1 – FBR Podcast #46

Is Satan Real?  This is actually a pertinent question in Christian philosophy because it remains somewhat controversial.  The secular world believes the idea of “Satan” constitutes a fake “boogeyman” that Christians made up to excuse their bad behavior and account for the existence of pain and conflict in their theology. Even some Christian theologians dismiss the idea of a personal “Devil”, seeing Satan as more of a general description of evil.  But the Bible makes it clear that there is a sentient, intelligent, and malevolent being in the world, who, along with similar sinister entities, desire our destruction.  In order to overcome them, we need to know who they are and how they operate.

This podcast begins our series on spiritual warfare, which has proven to be the most popular subject matter on the Faith By Reason website.

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2 thoughts on “Is Satan Real? Spiritual Warfare Part 1 – FBR Podcast #46
  1. Scott Taube

    What about the opposite perspective? When bad things happen it could be God working on us or trying to get our attention.

    1. E.M.

      Absolutely! In the podcast (and blog post) on good and evil, I showed that God can do “evil” (destruction) in the short-term if the intention is long-term good. But EVERYTHING Satan does is for long-term evil. The thing is, when bad things happen, people rarely think “I wonder if God is doing this to benefit me?”. Even though as Christians, we should.


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