July 12, 2018

Pharoah’s Hardened Heart, and the “gods” of Egypt – FBR Podcast #45

Pharoah’s heart was hardened by God so the He could perform the signs and wonders of the 10 Plagues on the Egyptians.  On the surface, this seems unfair.  Did God take away Pharaoh’s free will so that he would be defiant, allowing God to visit more suffering on the Egyptians?  This can’t be true, because we know that God is always and completely right and just.  So what’s the answer?  The truth is that God did not initiate Pharaoh’s hardened heart. It was a justified REACTION to what Pharoah did to the Israelites!

Also, why did God choose those specific 10 plagues?  Were they just random ordeals to torment the Egyptians, or were they intentional?  The answer comes from understanding and accepting the supernatural worldview.  We explore these ideas in this week’s podcast.

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